/China-Pak Economic Corridor fortune-changer for Pakistan

China-Pak Economic Corridor fortune-changer for Pakistan

 Introduction to CPEC 

 Pak-China Economic Corridor (CPEC) is indeed the incredible gift of the far-sighted visionary leadership of China and Pakistan for the people of Pakistan and China in particular and the people of the region in general in the ongoing era of globalization. It is an extension of China’s proposed 21st century “Silk Road” initiative and reflects Chinese President Xi Chingping’s vision of “one belt one road”. It will provide China direct excess to warm water and resources-rich Middle East Region by passing longer routes currently through the Indian occasion and the dangerous strait of Malaaca. Upon its completion, it would be a new wonder of the world.

The Longest Corridor Ever

The 3000-km long, China-Pak Economic Corridor is a 46$ billion project. It is also the biggest overseas Chinese investment, which is going to connect “Gwadar” natural deep seaport of Pakistan, on the Arabian Sea in the mouth of Persion Gulf with the Chinese city, Kashgar of the Xinjing autonomous region through highways, rail link and oil and gas pipelines as well. It is not merely a road; it embeds development projects, in different sectors, including energy, telecommunications, and infrastructure. It will really transform Pakistan into a regional economic hub.  
Xi Jinping’s Visit to Pakistan


Xi Jinping’s Visit to Pakistan
The project was launched in April 2015 during Chinese President Xi Chingping’s visit to Islamabad despite India’s strong objections.


CPEC is Fruitful for the whole Asia

The China-Pak Corridor would open up new avenues of economic progress and prosperity as well. Not only in South Asia and China but would also help Asia to become the economic engine in of the world in the current century. Although, it seems fallacious at a very first glance, when more light is shed on the topic, it clarifies its own meaning on its self. “CPEC” the life changing, game changing, style, and fashion changing project of China, which will not only be industrious for the region of Pakistan and China but entire Asia will be credited. All the resources revolved around Asia would be easily supplied through CPEC to different countries with low cost and instantly. 

Corridor Locations in Pakistan

In Pakistani territory, there will be three alignments of the corridor namely, the western, central, and eastern. The total distance between Gwadar and Khujerab through the western alignment of the corridor is about 2653 kilometers. The cities and other areas of Gilgit-Baltistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and Balochistan, which the western alignment is going to touch are, Khujerab, Gilgit-Baltistan, Abbotabad, Hassan Abdal, Balkasar, Mianwali, Dera Ismail Khan ( D.I.Khan ), Zhob, Qilla Saifullah, Quetta, Mastung, Kalat, Surab, Besima, Panjur, Turbat and Gwadar.
Establishment of Industrial Zones
CPEC is not only a route between the two countries but it is the establishment of corridor along with industrial zones. All the industrial zones will be driven by combined operative systems of Pakistan and China. All the western, central, and eastern alignments will have industrial zones. 

Availability of Jobs through CPEC

CPEC is not only the construction of road but it is also the providence of jobs to the jobless ones. Through CPEC, the jobless will get their job. As a result, the ratio of joblessness will reach to bottom. Decrease in joblessness causes decrease in rate of crimes. In the history, it is the biggest opportunity of changing life style. CPEC is going to bring a positive change in lives of Asians and especially it will change the life styles of inhabitants of Pakistan.

Role of Pak Army

Pakistan Army is the world’s best army ever. They are our protectors. They throw their own lives in danger just for the only purpose to promote peace and prosperity in Pakistan and to provide security to its people. Engineers are working properly because they are secure. The responsibility of securing all those who are working on CPEC has been taken by Pakistan Army.
Role of Chinese Engineers
Chinese engineers are well known for their best manufacturing, industrializing, and mechanizing works. This time, they are not only building a corridor between the two countries but they are strengthening the relations of Pakistan and China through their industrial and technological ways.
Joint Working groups on CPEC:
The government of Pakistan has decided to set up joint working groups, having representation of all provinces to give their views and suggestions on economic and industrial hubs to be built along the corridor.
Archrivals of CPEC:
In Relation to Kashmir Dispute:
 It is worth mentioning here that the archrival of Pakistan, India is trying her level best to sabotage the China-Pak Economic Corridor through every possible means.
Objections of Modi (Prime Minister of India):
Modi, the Prime Minister of India has conveyed to the Chinese leadership “as the corridor passes through Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, therefore, it is unacceptable”. Modi while saying this forgot the history. That Kashmir was a Muslim-majority state before partition of India, that Kashmir which is unfinished agenda of partition of India, that Kashmir, where more than 700000 Para-military forces of India are deployed for cleansing of the Kashmiris and to whom India has been refusing the right of self determination since 1947 and that Kashmir, where India has converted the noble daughters of Kashmir, thousands in numbers as half widows. That Kashmir where the Indian so far, since 1947 to 2014, have killed, injured and molested hundreds of thousands of Kashmiris for the only reason that they were demanding the right of self-determination in their motherland. Apart from this, Modi also closes eyes to the ground reality in the Indian occupied Kashmir, particularly in Anantang and surrounding areas, where Pakistani flag is being hoisted in public rallies. Regarding Kashmir, India has no other opinion with the exception to accept that it is the unfinished schedule of the partition of India. It could be resolved only after giving the right of self-determination to the Kashmiris, which is their legal, moral, and genuine right. China-Pakistan Economic Corridor or bilateral trade between Pakistan and China is in accordance with international norms. No power on the earth can snatch this right from Islamic and nuclear Pakistan to take mutually agreed corridor to its logical consequences.
Chinese Government Response:
The Chinese leadership in clear terms has rejected the Indian stance on the corridor. In other words of President Xi Chingping   “both China and Pakistan are committed for the construction of the corridor”.
Transit Trade Facility for India:
India must acknowledge that a stable and economically prosperous Pakistan can provide her the facility of transit for trade with Afghanistan or for the matter access to Central Asia. The Indian political leadership should also know how to deal with a nuclear neighbor like Pakistan.